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Writing an ATS-Optimized Resume in 2022: What Should You Know?

ATS Optimized Resume:  Building a career requires overall skill development. If you are looking for a job, you know the importance of a good resume. The human resource industry is continuously evolving and changing. The hiring processes of companies are undergoing enhancement. This is because they want to find perfect skilled people to do the job. ATS also comes under such developments of hiring processes. ATS is software that is used for the screening of applicants. This helps human resource managers to find the most aligned resumes according to the job requirements.

ATS stands for Applicant tracking system. Do you know that more than 70% of applications get rejected by ATS even before they reach the employer? Yes, this explains the importance of alignment with ATS. If you want to secure that job, you need to enhance your resume. And this enhancement should not be done in just terms of skills but also in resume format.
A perfect resume needs to be aligned with ATS. Such a resume indeed enhances your chance of getting that dream job. Now you may wonder how to write an ATS-friendly resume? Then, worry not here; we will explain a few tips to make your resume ATS friendly.

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Understanding ATS

Let’s begin by understanding ATS. Many companies incorporate ATS in their hiring process to find the right candidate to resume. This application helps find the most appropriate applicant according to the job requirements. It works by scanning the applications and further processing them. The company gets the applications scanned by the software according to the given data. The requirement data mainly covers experiences, qualifications, soft skills, etc.

ATS friendly Resume

ATS-friendly resumes are aligned with the working process of the software. ATS uses a few definite principles while scanning the applications of the candidates. It mainly focuses on the inserted data like qualifications, previous experience, skills, etc. There is a flexible algorithm behind ATS functioning to find suitable applicants. An ATS-friendly resume ticks all these requirements.

It removes the blockages like images or tables. It includes a specific ATS-friendly resume format. Mainly the format includes headings, sub-headings, etc.

Why do you need an ATS-friendly resume?

Imagine you want a job, and you see a vacancy. You are well prepared and have already submitted your resume. Unfortunately, most companies apply ATS processing on the applications before reaching the human resource department. If your resume is not aligned with the ATS algorithm, it will straight up reject your application. So your application doesn’t even reach up to the hiring manager. That’s why you need to have an ATS-friendly resume.

Tips to make your Resume ATS friendly

Now the question arises of how you can make your resume ATS friendly. Here, we suggest a few tips for aligning your resume with ATS functioning.

Incorporate Right Format

According to the algorithm of the ATS, the suitable format is from current to past. We begin by mentioning the most recent activities. Later we move to the activities that we have done in the past. Mainly we encounter three crucial resume formats. Among all these three, the chronological format is the most common one. The work history and skills come in the most optimal representation in this format.

You can also use a hybrid resume format. Such formats support an easy scanning process. That’s why they are preferred by the ATS and hiring managers.

The Proper use of Headings

Headings play a crucial role in the processing of ATS. That’s why you need to choose the proper headings and sub-headings while presenting your resume. The ATS prefers the most commonly used titles like skills, qualifications, experience, etc. However, if you use headings like ‘what I am good at’ or ‘what I have done, ‘ ATS won’t recognize it well. So be mindful of using the proper headings while formatting your resume. Conventional headings come out as a very safe option to use.

Insert Keywords

ATS incorporates AI to determine whether you are eligible for the job or not. The process happens by scanning your resume. Such scanning is based on the keywords related to your job profile. Resume keywords are a widespread phenomenon for determining the eligibility of the resume regarding a job. Therefore, try to research keywords that are related to your job. For example, if you are a coder, you might use words like C++, Javascript, CSS, etc. Such words will help in elaborating your skills.
Using long forms or tail keywords is also a good idea. Tail keywords contain the extension of the main keywords. Similarly, you can also use acronym versions of the keywords.

Optimal Templates

There are various resume templates present on the web. You might feel tempted to use a chic-looking out-of-the-box template. However, such templates can reduce your chances of crossing an ATS scan. That’s why always try to use ATS-friendly templates. Such templates are more straightforward in their formatting. They don’t include any pictures or graphics because ATS software finds them difficult to deal with.

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Making an ATS-friendly resume helps in increasing your chances of securing your dream job. You should use chronological resume formats. Try to incorporate relevant keywords in the resume. Also, try to keep the headings conventional simple. You should also keep your font neat and straightforward, like Calibri, Arial, etc. Saving your resume in the form of PDF or .docx is better if not mentioned otherwise. If you are looking for the proper ATS-friendly templates, you can visit It offers excellent assistance support in creating your perfect ATS-optimized resume.