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Why is it important to Include a Profile Statement on your Resume?

While we write our Curriculum Vitae(CV) much of the confusion arises whether or not to write a profile statement, while it is not a mandatory one but it does provide a  quick overview of your resume, which is very much apt for a busy recruiter who has to review several hundreds of applications.

However, by writing a short personal profile statement, you will give the employer a summary of the resume. It will be the first thing that will be read by the recruiter, therefore keep it clear and concise. It must be brief, and only a few lines that provide a good idea about your professional background. 

  • What Is a Resume Profile?

The section of a resume or CV that includes a brief idea or a summary about the individual’s professional experiences, achievements, and goals relating to the specific job is known as a Resume Profile. It can be added at the top of the profile listing it as the CV objective, summary, overview, or headline that catches the eyes of the recruiter at the first glance.

  • Why Add a Profile to Your Resume?

Resume profiles are added as a highlight to show the experiences, skills, and goals of the person and what are they looking for in this particular job. It has to be relevant to the specific job requirements. It must be concise at the same time well informative and well-written.

  • What is to be Included in a Resume Profile?

Often titled as “overview” or “professional summary” or qualifications profile “ etc. A resume profile is a set of few sentences or sometimes a paragraph. It typically summarizes the goals and ambitions of the applicant. Also, the skills and qualifications are mentioned here.

Here are a  few tips on how a resume profile should be included:

  • Keep the profile brief

Do not include insignificant information about yourself. Keep it brief, just a few sentences or a paragraph. It should be straight to the point and should not include all the irrelevant information. Thereby, most importantly mentioning which company you worked with before and your academic achievements.

  • Make the resume according to the job description

There must be certain skills and experiences that each job posting has. Accordingly, the most important aspects of the profession should be included in the personal statement.

  • Professional experience is important to be highlighted

You just need to highlight the goals and the personal achievements. Always refrain from using words like forward-thinker, ambitious, etc.

Most importantly, here you should include your academic profile, qualifications, the industries you worked for, your achievements, and the titles held. The information should not go beyond this.

  • The usage of facts and figures

To give more relevance to the statements that you made. It is essential to include the university grades, your exact percentage attained, years attended. You can also include past projects, the expertise, and the results attained.

  • Proofread thoroughly

Check for any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and typos. Ensure that your statement is error-free and easy to be read for the recruiter. Always be very sure what you are going to justify in the statements mentioned in your resume statement.

  • How to Write a Good Resume Profile?

To be noted, This section of your resume is the first thing that will catch the eyes of the recruiter. It has to be unique and relevant at the same time that will make you stand out among the other applicants. The resume profile is an excellent opportunity for you to show that you a perfect fit for the job.

To make it more relevant and so that you can make up for the interview round, use some of the tricks and tips such as by highlighting the accomplishments you can catch the attention of the recruiter at once. Add all the skillset that is mentioned in the job posting, use figures, and percentages while you explain your past experiences on the job. Try and make the closest match with your skills and the requirements of the job posting. And lastly, make all the essential requirements changed with each different job posting that you apply for.

  • Examples of Resume Profiles

With each different job posting that you apply for, each time the resume profile has to be changed and tailored accordingly. Here’s a resume personal profile example.

Job posting: Marketing Director

Marketing Director with experience in sales and marketing for about ten years. Lead an entire team of 10 members in the project, designed and implemented various marketing and sales policies, with the sales growth to be 50% annually. Excellent leadership and team management qualities.

Job posting- teacher

A history teacher in a private school for 10 years. Successfully developed curriculum for the grades from 7-10. Experienced in student mentoring  and certification in archaeological management


A profile statement is something that will be the first thing that the recruiter will see in your resume. Therefore, it must essentially be well-structured and well-written. To design it professionally by the experts, contact, Precious Resume today!