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Tips To Write a Key Holder Resume

A key holder employee is basically the one who is held responsible for the opening and closing of the store. The major duties of the employee include handling the operational activities of the store, assisting customer activities, opening the store before everyone arrives, and other duties as per the needs of the store.

However, designing the resume as per the needs of the job could be a daunting task but most preferably will ask for the job assets like good verbal and communication skills, basic computer literacy, responsible character and retail experience, and other such assets like problem-solving attitude and friendly nature.

Here are some of the ways how you can a good key holder resume for yourself.

What is a key holder resume?

A key holder resume is created by the person who is seeking a key-holder job. It has a specific format and standard that has to be followed. The primary job of the key holder is to open and close the store on time and work on the retail. However, the responsibility could change according to the need of the hour.

Other important duties of the key holder other than the primary activities include managing the store’s alarm system, supervising all the retail employees, updating the displays of the store according to the guidelines of the company, and substituting the managers of the store whenever required. Depending upon the location and the position a key holder’s salary can vary from 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs annually. It can also be less than this for a beginner and more for an experienced candidate.

How to write a key holder resume?

  • Your contact information

The most important thing that should be mentioned in your resume is your contact information.  Here you should mention your full name, the city, and state you reside in, your phone number, and your email address.  This information might be useful for the recruiter to set up any further interviews with you if required.

  • Write briefly about your qualifications

The next important thing that you should mention is the qualifications that will present you as a good candidate in front of the recruiter who possesses the relevant key holder skills.  List down the accomplishments, experience, and skills in bullet points that will catch the eyes of the recruiter.

  • Write about your work experiences

Employers will see if you have any past experiences in this field. You can try and add at least two of the past work experiences, you can list out in the format of the title of the job, the name of the company, dates that you worked there, and three to four points on the duties of the job.

  • Include your hard and soft skills that are related to the job

This section is about the specific abilities that you should mention, Try and list out the keywords from the job description. You can add both hard and soft skills that are related to the job in two or three bulleted points. These skills can also act as the key holder tools of the trade.

You can add your hard skills like two to three years of money handling experience, exclusive products knowledge, and money handling experience.

Also, you can add soft skills like customer servicing, time management, and team management.

  • Give a briefing about your educational qualifications

List out all your educational qualifications in reverse chronological order. You can also add several other specific key holder education and training if attained.

Mention your qualifications in the format of naming the degree that you earned, an institution where you went, the city and the state, and finally, the dates that you attended.

  • Proofread your resume

When you finish writing your resume, consider reading it, again and again, to check if any grammatical errors, typos, and spelling mistakes are there.

Key holder resume template

  • Contact information

[First name and last name]

[Name of the city and the state]

[Your phone number]

[Your professional email address]

  • Qualifications

[Mention your qualifications, your skills, and experiences in two to three bullet points]

  • Experiences

[The position you worked for]

[The name of the company]

[City and the state name]

[Dates worked]

[Add the responsibilities and the accomplishments in three to four bullet points for each job]

  • Skills

[Hard or soft skill1]

[Hard or soft skill 2]

  • Education Qualifications

[The Degree or diploma certificate title]

[The Name of the institution]

[Name of the City and State]

[Years attended]

Example of a key holder resume

Contact information

John stein

Goodleetsveile, Tamil Nadu

+91 1234567890

  • Professional summary
  • Two years of experience in handling the position as a key holder in a retail store.
  • Exclusive knowledge of the POS systems, customer communication, cash handling, and the ability to drive retail sales.
  • Awarded two times for the ‘Best Customer Service’ position.


Sales Associate


Little Rock, Mumbai

July 2019- July 2021

  • Responsible for the daily procedures of closing and opening the store and depositing the day’s earning in the safe and taking it out the next day.
  • Motivated the employees and Communicated with the managers and assisted them in restocking the items effectively.
  • Helped with the store management with the operational policies and solved the customer queries and helped them whenever required.


  • Good communication skills
  • Sales transactions
  • Conflict resolution abilities
  • Teamwork


High school diploma

St. Joseph School

Goodleeteisveile, Tamil Nadu.


As for the job of a key holder it requires a great sense of responsibility. You must possess a responsible attitude towards the customer, employees as well as towards the store.

Recruiters might see all these qualities in you before selecting you as the job fit. Therefore, designing a good resume for this is very important.

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