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How to Put Shadowing On Resume With Examples

shadowing can be a great addition to your resume when properly listed, especially if you don’t have any formal work experience. Learn how to include the follow-up experience on your resume using the tips and examples below.

  • If you have limited work experience, job shadowing can be a great way to develop some valuable skills and complete your resume.
  • In short, job shadowing means that you follow one (or more) members of a company or organization in a short period to familiarize yourself with their daily duties.
  • You can get real personal accounts for one day (or one month) of employees in the industry you want to work in.

What is shadowing?

Job tracking is a valuable learning resource that can be used to find information about specific jobs of interest. The observation experience may vary from job to job, but usually, you will follow the employees in the specific role you are learning and observe their daily duties. You may also have the opportunity to participate in practical exercises. After observing, you can often ask questions about what you see or hear or the work itself.

Your school or degree may provide you with the opportunity to continue working, or you can contact the company and apply for a vacancy yourself. Job tracking is useful for college graduates and mature professionals who are considering changing careers.

By and large, work shadowing is:

  • A smart thought of what a task will resemble in reality
  • Supportive to find if your abilities are a decent counterpart for the position and vocation field overall
  • A momentary responsibility that empowers you to make conclusions rapidly before finishing your examinations or applying to tasks
  • A brilliant asset for applicable associations with experts in your field of interest.

Step-by-step methods to add shadowing to resume to a resume:

1. Create a section on your resume to gain work experience

The work experience part on your resume contains a list of your previous work or work-related experience, for example, your experience should appear in reverse chronological order; Your most recent job or other work experience should be listed first.
To follow the template-based approach and add additional experience to your resume, you should include the following:

  • Job title: Call it a shadow experience.
  • Company Name-Enter the name of the company or organization you have completed tracking.
  • Company Location-Enter the location (city and state) of the company you are following.
  • Experience data: Add data that reflects the amount of time you are in the shadows. Enter the start date (month and year) and end date.

2. Use action verbs when listing responsibilities.

When listing your shadow work experience, it is helpful to use action verbs to describe what you learned or what tasks you performed. The list of 16 powerful action verbs includes:

  • Share
  • Contribute
  • Approve
  • Promotion
  • Accept
  • Union

You can also use the job description to find relevant keywords to use when listing your job tracking experience and responsibilities. Try to limit your vignettes to no more than six tasks that you have completed or observed. For the best results, make sure these paragraphs are detailed enough to show how you can add value to potential employers.

3. Record measurable achievements

If you have contributed by observing and producing measurable results, it is helpful to include this information in your to-do list. Mark the main achievements and explain your achievements in complete sentences. Whenever possible, it is important to always include amounts, percentages, or other numbers so that potential employers can measure your past success and predict your future results.

You may not have worked for a long time in the company or have many opportunities to actively participate in the business, but you may have added value in some way, facilitated meaningful interaction, or completed a unique task. Relevant information will help you increase the impact of your job tracking experience on hiring managers who will test your skills.

4. Compare your experience with job descriptions.

When reporting your shadow work experience, try to ensure that it meets the expected work goals. For example, review job postings and highlight certain skills you need, or have experience in planning, scheduling, participating in status meetings, or acquiring knowledge and applying appropriate safety standards. You can change the way you list or describe subsequent responsibilities, or the specific subsequent responsibilities you state for each job application if this honestly represents your knowledge and abilities.

What to Include in the shadowing section of a Resume:

Job shadowing can be a valuable work experience that can be included in your resume because it can show that you are ready to learn and know what to expect in the workplace.

1. Create a working shadow experience part

You can add your working shadow experience to the experience part or create another part for it. If you want to create a separate section to track open positions, add it under your work experience because formal work experience usually adds value to your resume.

2. Add company name and hide data

Enter the name of the company or organization you are following. You can also include the city and state where the company is located. Add the date you shaded under the company name. Even if you create a day shadow, you only need to specify the month and year.

3. List the content you have seen or participated in.

  • List five or six highlights from this experience. This may be homework or a project you are involved in, or it may be a team meeting or activity you have observed.
  • You can also provide the names of employees you follow and their roles in the company. Explain what you did together to increase the value of your experience.

List it your work experience section

Yes, if it is related to the industry you want to work in and you have little or no full-time work experience, you should include follow-up experience in your resume.

  • Shadowing gives you an in-depth understanding of daily business practices and can be as relevant as internships or previous work experience.
  • In addition, the shadow shows the employer that you are determined to work in a specific field and add new skills to your resume. Shadows are more popular in industries such as medicine. In these industries, shadows can learn more, or even more, outside the classroom than in the classroom.

Adding achievements

Watching an expert’s work is valuable, but do you know what makes it come to life? Your achievements. Of course, just following the news is not easy, but if there is a meaningful way to participate, be sure to add it.

Think of the moment when you made a unique contribution, call it a key achievement, and place it under your work experience.

 Here is an example:

The most important success: the idea of ​​a bonus for new employees was proposed at the monthly meeting of the editorial manager. This idea was warmly welcomed and implemented after 3 months, and employee satisfaction increased by about 15%.

Skills highlight

  • group initiative western blotching
  • test plan
  • groundwork plan
  • RNAi test
  • PCR
  • Site-Coordinated Mutagenesis
  • conversant in Spanish
  • talented issue solver
  • basic scholar
  • great relationship building abilities

Shadow Experience Examples of Shadowing on a resume:

Deepak medical, Boise, Id

  • September 2021, October 2021 Richard Yee in his daily X-ray department ensures that patients receive X-rays on time and answer simple questions.
  • I have memorized all authority and safety rules and learned how to manage activities according to these rules.
  • He helps patients prepare for simple and complex X-ray surgery.

As you could see, this shadowing enjoy applies and completely by resume writing services to the important thing factors stated withinside the process ad.


Shadowing, if introduced efficiently for your resume, can certainly red meat up your resume.

Remember to:

  • Include in which you probably did your externship and whom you shadowed (if applicable).
  • Use lively verbs to listing your shadowing in a greater compelling way.
  • Use the process advert as a manual for what employers need to see.

That’s it!