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Current and Future Resume Trends

Resume Trends: A well-written resume is the number one method to catch the attention of employers. But, the resume trend gets changed with time. So, as a job seeker, you must keep an eye on the latest resume trend so that you can make a great first impression on the hiring committee.

If you also want to explore the current and future resume trends of the year 2022, this article will help you. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

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1. Field appropriate resume: Resume Trends

The current forecast shows that the future of resumes is likely to be field-specific. It refers to applying for a position that matches your skills and experience. In case you do not have those skills, you cannot get selected for the job, not even apply for it.

For instance, if your resume contains several experiences and qualifications not appropriate for getting hired for a certain position, the hiring manager could dismiss it without even interviewing you. This necessary step gets taken to save the time and effort of the hiring team and the applicant. Therefore, you must be careful while applying for a particular position. First, read the job post, make sure it aligns with your qualification, and only apply for it.

2. Keep it short and simple:

Resume Trends: Always keep your resume short and simple since no one has all the time in the world to read your resume. A hiring committee does not like a long and complicated resume, although you have spent so many hours on it. Your vast work history, which runs two, three pages long, does not attract the hiring managers anymore. As a result, a long and difficult resume makes them lose interest in the resume, as well as you.

Hence, in this fast-paced world, keeping your resume short and simple is always suggested. If you use long, complicated sentences throughout your resume, it will not impress the hiring row. All you have to do is write the four inevitable points, including personal information, professional experience, educational qualification, and skills, shortly, without exaggerating or complicating anything.

3. Link social media:

Social media nowadays has become an inevitable part of every single field. As a result, many companies look for social media accounts on resumes, allowing the hiring manager to study you closely. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., contain several features of a person. From educational qualification to prior working experience, the platforms reflect all. Additionally, the sites efficiently demonstrate the applicant’s personality beyond the resume. Linking your social media profile also catches the attention of the hiring panel, and they also consider it as a smart move. The way this trend is moving forward; hopefully, it will become an impending part of all resumes in the near future.

4. Personalize your resume:

Personalizing your resume is going to get counted as a big deal in the upcoming days. Companies, especially hiring committees, do not like to see the old-school resumes containing the same explanations anymore. Instead, they search for something newer, fresh, and post-appropriate resumes.

For example, if you are applying for a post of data-entry operator, your resume should be appropriate and exclusively drafted for the post. So, make sure to add details that will express your expertise in this field and make the hiring manager select you. Try to write up-to-date and relevant resumes for each application.

5. Skip fancy designs:

In the current and the upcoming years, companies are likely to use a strong ATS or applicant tracking system, a great and advanced resume trend. Hence, you should write a resume strong, and appropriate in tone, and readable by ATS. For that, the first thing you have to keep an eye on is the resume format and then the rest.
For beginning your resume, use all necessary and keyword-oriented words and sentences. However, do not exaggerate anything or use excessive designs throughout your resume. If you do so, the software will not read the resume, and your application will get rejected due to unreadability. So, always make sure to draft a simple, decent, minimal, and ATS-friendly resume the next time.

6. Show results with skills:

Resume Trends: The upcoming resume trend will stand on practical results, not just skills and experience. The ongoing trend of using statistics and metrics shows a great possibility that in the next few years, a resume rich in data and results will stand apart from the rest. Therefore, you must add enough results and data instead of inserting the same skills in your resume.
For example, if you are applying for the position of a seller in a company, add your previous selling results to your resume. It will attract the hiring manager, and you will be given an extra point for doing so.

7. Quantify the achievements:

It is the best way to show your achievements, experiences, capabilities, and other personal information to the hiring manager. Always try to insert the valuable information initially as most employers only prefer reading the first few lines. Additionally, use bullets and numberings for describing your achievements. Make sure to keep the sentences short and highlight special achievements at the end.


These current resume trends have a high possibility of getting proceeded within the next few years. So, as a job seeker, if you have plans to apply for a position in the upcoming days, make sure to follow these resume trends. Best of luck!