Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does our service work?

We consult you with regards what kind of a resume you want. We get to know about your educational qualifications and other details. We also take in account your past experiences and finally we create your resume. We try to make it as polished and attractive as possible, so you get to attract more companies towards you.

2. What services do we provide?

We serve you with resume making and face to face consultancy which helps you in deciding what is the best for you. Be it career path or the type of resume or even in the change of career.

3. Is the job guaranteed if we make resume from this agency?

The job you get will be based mostly upon your qualifications and your presentation. The resumes are there to create a basic impression of your potential to the people who will hire you. We at Resume Writers Hub try our best to make your resume look good so that your impression is good in front of your potential bosses. We can't assure the job, but we surely can help your chances of getting one.

4. How will I know what kind of resume suits my criteria?

We provide with face to face consultation facilities which might help you in getting a more precise vision as to what suits your requirements the best. We assure to assist you in finding what is the best for you in every way we can.

5. Why use a professional resume service when I can get it done in other cheaper ways?

  • The few valid reasons for using a professional resume service are as follows:-
  • We have a better understanding in this field.
  • We have the knowledge of the requirements one can have and can further consult and counsel one if required
  • It is our job to provide the best service, and we deliver it.